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Energy is in good hands on rails.

We are at the top of railway fuel transportation with our fleet of 290 wagons of 6 different types.
Just like in the future...

Visionary logistics management

Eco-friendly logistics policy

Strong fleet, professional team

Continuous customer satisfaction

Lokal Group assurance

We exist where trust is everything.


Trust is everything in fuel transport. That is why we have chosen to specialize in the delivery of fuel by rail since the day we started operating as a 100% Lokal Enerji subsidiary. We developed railway transportation, which is the most economical and safest way, with new ideas and projects. With our licensed wagons, the number of which reached 290 in 2023, our transportation volume has reached 640 thousand tons. Within the framework of national and international regulations, bylaws, we show all the sensitivity required for dangerous goods transportation, and we adapt to every railway-related facility of our country with our 6 different types of wagons. We are Anapet, transporting Turkey's energy in a stable and secure manner. 

Railway transportation from 2015 to today

290 licensed

640 K tons of annual transportation volume

The choice of leading oil companies in our industry.

From Kocaeli to Ankara, from Kırıkkale to Mersin and İskenderun, from Mersin to Diyarbakır, with our highest level of technical equipment in our tank wagons, we are working with the largest companies in the energy sector such as BP, Shell, Petrol Ofisi and Türkiye Petrolleri, in Turkey's most important railway lines. With every wagon the Anapet logo is on, we are growing the future of not only our partners but also our country.


Anapet is a Lokal Enerji subsidiary.

In 2005, Lokal Enerji, set out with the goal of becoming one of the important names of it's sector, including Anapet and 100% it's own subsidiary group companies, is Turkey's and its neighbors' leading energy service providing company today.

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